Expedia – One of the largest and most trusted travel platforms in the industry! We recommend Expedia for many reasons including saved trips, saved payment information on your account, great deals and above all great customer service! Click below for your next next travel deal!
KayakKayak has been revolutionizing the travel industry since 2004. Today, they process over 2 billion searches a year for travel information, and helping travelers like YOU find the best deals! Try their “Explorer” section to find the best flight deals for every month of the year around the world. 

Sky Scanner – Sky Scanner finds you the cheapest flights and accommodations by comparing millions of travel options. Sky Scanner also compares hotels, and car rental prices. 

Ethiad Airways – A leader in luxury travel. Find flights to multiple destinations across the globe. 


Disclaimer: These services are provided by Expedia, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Etihad Airways.  By using these services you have the ability to customize your plans based on your own individual needs for your trip. We recommend you review the full terms and conditions before purchasing. Connect Go Travel is not responsible for questions, claims, bookings or lawsuits pertaining to services provided by these companies. We recommend these companies based off the exceptional customer service and deals we’ve received.