How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Let’s face it, no one wants to be on a flight for more than a few hours. Have you recently booked your international flight but unsure how you will survive? We’ve gathered the best advice from hundreds of world travelers for you.

  1. Check your airline app within 24 hours before your flight for seat availability. Find a row that has all seats available and change your seat. Pray no one chooses to sit within your row and you’ll have it to yourself to spread out and nap.
  2. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol. This can help you feel less jet lagged at your final destination. Alcohol is dehydrating and you’ll need to make sure you’re hydrating yourself with water.
  3. Mid flight change into some comfortable clothes to help you relax and not feel restrained. Have comfortable clothes handy in your carry on so you won’t have to dig around for them and disturb others near you.
  4. If you are attempting to sleep on the plane, follow your nightly routine as you would at home. Do you normally take out your contacts and wash your face before bed? Do you have a nightly ritual before bed? Do it on the airplane to help get yourself in the mindset that you’re going to sleep.
  5. Eye masks and ear plugs. If you’re a sensitive sleeper have these handy to block out light and noise. Buy a few different brands of ear plugs and pick ones that block out the most noise. These can help you to get some rest.
  6. Travel blanket and neck pillow are always helpful in making you feel more comfortable when attempting to sleep or relax. They usually sell these at the airport for under $15.00 USD if you don’t want to carry them around.
  7. Bring snacks, anti-bacterial wipes, books, a tablet, and headphones. If you have an iPhone, be mindful that most airlines plugs are the standard plug in.
  8. Window seats are great because you get to lean up against the wall of the plane if you plan to sleep. If you frequently use the restroom or get claustrophobic easy, pick an aisle seat to move and stretch out as needed.

During your flight you will realize it’s not as bad as you had envisioned. There are many in-flight entertainment options such as tv shows, movies, and music provided. If you don’t have a personal tablet, it’s not the end of the world. Most long haul flights include meals and attendants frequently come around with snacks and beverages for you. Your initial fear of walking about the cabin will diminish as you see other passengers using the aisles to stretch and move around. Once you get to your destination you’ll have a new found energy to take on the day.

Ashim D'Silva

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