Save Hundreds On Flights To Mexico By Crossing The Border.

A weekend in Mexico City with friends… sign me up! The only problem, flights from San Diego to Mexico City were over $350.00 a ticket. I decided to look at my options and found $60.00 one way flights to Mexico City from Tijuana through skyscanner. Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner and you can save over $200.00 like I did! My only reservation was crossing the border. How many hours would this take and would it be worth the hassle? I decided to take the gamble and to my surprise flying out of Tijuana International Airport was a smooth and quick process that I’ll be traveling to Mexico more often!

The CBX Border Crossing opened to the public in December of 2015. It is an enclosed pedestrian bridge for passengers flying in and out of the Tijuana International Airport to cross the U.S/Mexico border. The sky walk runs 390 feet and is the first facility in the U.S to connect to a foreign airport terminal.

The image below shows outside the CBX which is located at 2745 Otay Pacific Drive, San Diego, CA 92154. Parking is available for $18.00 a day or you can Uber/Lyft/Taxi on-site.

outside view

Once you walk into the newly designed building you can purchase airline flights and your CBX ticket at Kiosks inside. It costs $16.00 one way or $30.00 round trip to use the CBX.

Buy ticket

You then walk to an area where they have immigration forms and pens for you to complete.

fill out form

With your immigration form, passport, airline boarding pass and CBX ticket you then go through a security guard who checks your documents and scans your CBX pass.

entering cbx

I was shocked that I was one of the few people using this bridge crossing.

empty customs

As you keep walking you will see a sign directing you into the Tijuana International Airport.

to airport

Then you will see customs. Here you run your bag through the x-ray machine, they look at your passport and boarding pass then give you the green light to enter the airport. The entire process took under 20 minutes from arriving to CBX to sitting at my gate waiting for my plane to arrive.

back of tony

When you arrive back at the Tijuana Airport after your trip you follow the baggage claim signs. You will see clearly marked signs telling you CBX is in the same direction. You also get to see a plaque letting you know where the U.S/Mexico Border is while walking down the crossing.

us and mexico

A guard will scan your CBX ticket, you’ll go through customs and again in less than 20 minutes will be outside ready to head home. I had a few friends who crossed the border on foot and flew out of Mexicali. On their return they had to wait over 4 hours to cross through customs!!

Meanwhile, less than an hour after my flight landed, I was sitting on my couch in North Park eating a burrito from Saguaro’s watching Frida. I highly recommend using the CBX Border Crossing when flying in or out of Tijuana.

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