Save Money While Booking Flights

Did you know the number one reason why people don’t travel is because of money? If it’s your life long dream to travel, you can make it happen with some patience and planning. Here are my top tips for booking travel for less.

Book your trip in segments. Usually when I plan an international trip, it takes me an average of 6 months to prepare for it. Flights for travel go up and down like the stock market. I may book a one way flight to a destination and book my return flight months later on a different airline because it was cheaper. I do the same with hotels and tours. I may book a hotel for 2 of the 10 days because the price was right and continue booking more the following month.

More tips:

      • When you see a good price, BOOK IT!
      • Cheap Air says the cheapest time to book a flight is 54 days before you leave.
      • It’s cheaper to fly out on a Tuesday and return on a Wednesday. After all, it’s vacation, who said it has to start on Friday?
      • Kayak Explorer – You can enter your airport, and see the cheapest flights around the world for you. You have to be flexible with the dates, but can book international flights for just a few hundred dollars.
      • Sky Scanner – It allows you to choose anywhere in the world and the cheapest month. It will show you which countries you can travel to for a few hundred dollars and on. Check out Skyscanner’s Deals Updated Weekly!
      • Find 5th Freedom Flights – An airline that is allowed to carry passengers between one’s own country to a second country. You can also find cheaper flights by having a long layover in another country. Who doesn’t want to stay the night in a foreign city and do a little extra exploring? Create your ideal journey with a multi-city booking
      • Don’t purchase flight upgrades based off available seat assignments. Airlines don’t show you what’s really available and hold back almost 30%. It’s their way of worrying you and causing you to upgrade that seat, or purchase extra amenities.
      • Contact the airlines directly for cheaper flights. Only 52% of inventory is displayed online and 48% of the deals you can get over the phone.

I once read that people who travel are more likely to be promoted at work because they are more open minded, creative and have the ability to speak multiple languages. So what are you waiting for?

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